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You remember a time when you experienced joy, comfort and peace together, you felt at home in your partner’s arms or sharing meaningful conversation. Something has shifted. Maybe work is getting in the way, perhaps your struggling to balance time between friendships, physical health, extended family and your relationship. It has started to feel like there’s not enough time in the day to connect with the person you love most. You’ve drifted apart. What used to feel safe feels lonely and you’re not sure how to get it back, but you yearn for that connection again.


This is where our work begins. We create space to reconnect, to establish safety and trust in yourself and in your partnership. We will have the difficult conversations exploring all the “elephants in the room” that impact you showing up for each other in the way you can hear and see it. Together, we will explore the daily interactions/cycles you share and how we can support you moving through life as a more cohesive, supportive, compassionate team. Using interventions from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Couples Therapy we will determine a roadmap to guide you back to the relationship you so desire.


Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Let's get connected. If we meet and it's not the right fit I know some exceptional local therapists and will gladly offer referrals. 

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