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Whether you are just out of high school, in the middle of college, or preparing to land your first job post grad, launching into adult hood can be a very complicated, confusing experience. For decades your family and friends have encouraged you, guided you, and helped you identify your goals. Then, what seems like instantly, you are supposed to be figuring it all out independently! Balancing school, work, social obligations, health, relationships and finances can be completely overwhelming. The transition to becoming an adult can lead late teens and twenty somethings to feel anxious, overwhelmed, depressed and sometimes hopeless about how they will ever manage, never mind succeed and thrive.

This is where our work begins. Therapy is an opportunity to explore your life cycle transition and to create space to discuss all the parts of yourself and your world. Your sessions may focus on relationships, sexuality, spirituality, career decisions, family of origin concerns, body image/physical health, substance use -- we will focus on whatever is important to YOU. Creating space to explore your hopes, worries and fears helps to ensure that you are living mindfully and that you are consciously making intentional choices to move towards the future you desire.


Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision, let's talk about whether you may benefit from working together.

Are you ...

  • Committed to changing the experiences in your life that do not create joy?

  • Do you have the desire and willingness to work both in and out of session (therapy is a mere 50 minutes a week, it takes commitment beyond that)?

  • Are you willing to be vulnerable and open?

  • Are you curious about how you can create a more fulfilling life?


Are you curious about ... ​

  • Your values?

  • How well you take care of yourself?

  • The health of your relationships and opportunities to improve them?

  • How your past impacts your present life and may impact your future? 


Do we sound like a good fit? Let's get connected. If we meet and it's not the right fit I know some exceptional local therapists and will gladly offer referrals. 

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