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Sororities talk body image, eating disorders and how to deal with social media

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Last Sunday at 8pm, when typically I'd be in pjs ready to wind down and prepare for the week, I had the opportunity to speak with 175 sorority women at a local university about body image. We outlined what body image is, how we interpret it mentally, emotionally, physically and kinesthetically and we explored what it means to have positive and negative body image.

The conversation was striking; these women identified the challenges of maintaining a positive body outlook with the constant interruption of social media. Women shared that many men they know on college campuses are also struggle with body shaming, eating disorders and difficulty with self acceptance. We spoke openly and candidly about eating disorders, signs to look out for and ways to approach a friend or family member of concern.

Bottom line, there was an openness to dialogue about a topic that is often overlooked, avoided and ignored. I experienced deep hope for the future having heard the strength in these women's voices and having felt their determination to create change. We will keep the important conversations going ...

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